Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another day at the station...

All right, so today I went on another ride-along! This time I went with station #10, and we got 4 calls altogether. All of them were elderly patients; our first call was a lady who was complaining of trouble breathing, so they sent her to the hospital. Our second call was a man who just didn't feel well and also had trouble breathing, so they sent him to the hospital for further testing. Our third call was a women who had fallen in her kitchen. Her hip was fractured and they sent her to the hospital. And our last call was for a man's father whose feeding tube had come out. He was also taken to the hospital.

Overall, the calls weren't adrenaline pumping, but I got to see the firefighters put in a few IV's, and also see how they interacted with the different patients and each other. We also got to play frisbee with station #7 (I did a little better this time!), workout in the weight room, and eat some more delicious food. I'm beginning to think that pineapple may be a firehouse favorite, because last time and then today there has been copious amounts of pineapple for all to enjoy, whether by itself, in a fruit salad, on a sandwich, or grilled on a shish kebab. So amazing!

...So what did I take away from today? I learned how to take patient vitals, how to start weigh-training, and I had a few invaluable conversations with the woman firefighter at the station. I also enjoyed just joking around with the guys, and being able to get another glimpse into firefighting. I'm kind of sad right now, because this will be my last ride-along until I get back from Africa, but I'm glad that I had the opportunity! Definitely a good way to spend 13 hours of my day. I'm praising God that it went well and that we were all kept safe. What a great time.

Countdown to Africa: 18 days! (How can that be possible?!)
Outside Temp: 73°F (Today we had beautiful weather. Perfect day.)

Verse of the Day:
With my whole heart I have sought You; Oh, let me not wander from Your commandments!
Psalm 119:10


  1. Awesomeness! I don't think I could watch them start IVs, though. :D

  2. Yeah, I thought it was cool to watch, but I know several people who would be less than thrilled to see it. lol.